Book cover

Book cover. (front and back – embroidery mirrored over spine)


Cover image for Volkskrant magazine about #theperfectbeachbody. (idea+props by me, photography Aad Hoogendoorn, model Hedwig H.)



Illustration made for coverjunkie Jaap Biemans, after Steinbergs famous New Yorker cover. (Jaap is a huge Steinberg fan). Personal gift/not published but given as a farewell present to Jaap at his former job.


Handlettered quotes for Flow magazine/family and friends special.

Home and garden special

Gardening tips for Flow magazine.

Ik zoek een woord

Book cover illustration for a poetry anthology about the joy, magic and numerous possibilities of language. Type by Steef Liefting.


For B – a Dutch magazine on breastcancer. ‘The various techniques used by specialists for detection’.

Fabric collages Elle decoration

A box containing 29 fabrics was delivered on my doorstep. Christian Lacroix, Kvadrat. Wonderful textures, shimmer, depth. I made 8 pages of associative collages with them for Elle decoration #2/february/march 2017.  Such a dreamjob. Then, sadly, I had to send the box back.    

Various bookcovers

Burnout (at the office)

For the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs/magazine

Tiny Pleasures Flow calendar

2016 was a year of tiny pleasures, at least on the calendar it was.


Thirteen book covers for the famous Dutch Young Adult series ‘How to survive’/Hoe overleef ik’,  by author Francine Oomen. Papercut illustrations. (some spines interact with neighbouring spines).

Food trends

Another collage for the 2016 series in Elle eten: food trends

3 courses

For each issue of Elle eten (Elle food & wine) I prepare, style and/or illustrate a foolproof recipe, written by Lieke Sniekers. ‘The perfect version of…’  Ongoing series, with Aad Hoogendoorn (photographer).


Sometimes there’s nothing more fulfilling than actual drawing, with pen and ink. I love to make hand drawn illustrations. This one was made for Flow magazine.


The translation of this book title would be something like ‘The miracle that doesn’t tumble down’. I made the cover image with photographer Aad Hoogendoorn. It took a lot of testing and many different objects tumbling down before we were able to take the picture. It’s an actual tower, not a photoshopped one!


For Flow magazine I made various handlettered quotes over the years. This is my fav.


For Dutch television guide VPRO Gids, cover image about ‘cablecutting’.

Food heroes

For Elle eten (food) I made several collages of upcoming food trends, tools, addresses and heroes.

Tears on the mat

For (Dutch) Yoga Magazine. Accompanying letters sent by readers about grief and how yoga helped them cope with it.


Cover for Parool PS. ‘Spring’

Show me

the money. For an article in de Volkskrant about the fundung of our country’s performing arts, theatre and dance companies.

Nr 5

For Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Aromatic spices in the kitchen.


The Dutch word for ‘fern frost’ is IJsbloem: Ice Flower. ( illustration initially made for an article about decreasing fertility).

Shadow play

Made for Opzij, on sexy humour


Two patterns for Flow Magazine’s first Book for paper lovers.  

Statistical Yearbook

Cover for the Dutch annual Statistics Yearbook  (CBS Jaarboek 2014).

Idfa special

Cover for VPRO’s annual IDFA (International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam) special. Featuring its logo.

Autumn breeze

Third coverimage in a series of four for Parool Ps.  Autumn.

summer memories

One of a series of images made for the 2016 Volkskrant summer specials about summer memories. This particular column was about regret for not having captured more imagery of the children while they were young/time fleeing.

November music

Cover for the November music special in VPRO Gids. A festival featuring all kinds of music varying from elektro to improv.